Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Welcome 2012

Would you believe it I had the majority of my Christmas decorations and trees packed away by the first week of January this year? A few good aftershocks made me think I would be sorry to see a tree or two crash, and with the weather a little too drizzly for gardening I set myself a target of one tree a day. The house is certainly looking bare as a result! ( Although I admit to keeping up the woodland tree as it doesn't take up much space and it really looks so beautiful at night...)

My other mission is to fill a 9 cubic metre skip that I hired last week with garden waste. I call my overgrown garden "the garden monster" - what was a spectacular sheltered garden six years ago when I bought the property has now turned completely out of control and is more like a forest! Not so easy to do when I've got a shoulder awaiting surgery this year, but no one else has put their hand up for the position of caretaker. After a week it's starting to return to it's former glory. Hoorah. 

When the weather has been good we've gone swimming at the pools around the district. It was our first time to the one at Geraldine and the kids loved it. We'll definitely be back before the summer holidays are over at the end of January!

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