Sunday, October 31, 2010

Peace in the house

It's finally the quiet time in the evening when everyone has gone to bed (except for my 14 year old son revisiting the baking I've just done) and I get to sit down. Louisa (12) is off on a school camp to Dunedin this week. We have been busy labeling her clothes and making a batch of chocolate chippie biscuits. I decided to quadruple the recipe so there was plenty for the boys during the week. Great idea but I forgot to take the time involved in baking eight trays of biscuits into consideration! Two hours...phew!

My excitement for the weekend is the purchase of a new (to me) Christmas tree on Trade Me. What would I do without that website? So much fun, so many bargains to buy! I think I am up to five big trees now, and as many smaller ones. This one is really unique - 2.2m high and thin but bushy. And THE bargain of the year - $31! No one out there in cyberspace eyeing that little bargain at 2pm on a Saturday. Go me and my skills. The unfortunate side of it all was that it was two hours away and needed to be removed by the next morning. Thankfully I have some very tolerating family members who know all about me and my trades. Can't wait to see it when I go up for sweet ads chorus on Wednesday.

So I have chosen the theme already and it will be a woodland tree. I bought some little birdhouses a few years ago which have never seen the light as they didn't fit any of my themes. Jack (5) and I went and bought a few birds and nests in anticipation for it. He tells me he knows where there is a real one in a tree, with a bird AND eggs which he could get for me. I told him we better just look out for empty ones. I also collected some miniature pine cones a few weeks ago which I will probably decorate like snow frosted cones. Now my only issue is where to put the tree...I'm running out of space!

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  1. Yay! Can't wait to come and see the house. I love Christmas Trees too!!