Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The farmyard tree

Tim (8) was up his usual early self yesterday morning and agitating that I had started the farmyard tree without him. There was a selfish reason for this - I am really fussy about putting the lights in evenly in my christmas trees and I also wanted to make some country styled bows this year. I am happy with the way these look. I ripped some gingham cotton into strips and then used gold paper twine to tie bows. They are finished with a wire berry.

So at 8am he was defending his territory from his 5 and 10 year old brothers and putting up the animals. Nobody was feeling particularly Christmasy at that time of the day/week/month but unfortunately Tim has a lot of my organising trait in him and once he had his mind set that was his project, there was no stopping him! I don't have many decorations on this tree but they are all beautiful. Not the most common type of decorations to find so I keep an eye out when I travel. There are miniature cones and wired apples too. My inspired idea for what I could add to it is miniature ears of corn made from popping corn. That will possibly be my next project. 

I think the tree is about two feet high and I've put it up on the alcove in front of my kitchen sink. Two down....six to go!

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