Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another celebration and an excuse to decorate!

I'm not sure if this is a new thing this year or not, but when I was in Christchurch in the weekend I was amazed by the shop displays and products themed around Easter! I'm not talking about easter eggs and chocolate rabbits here, it was all out, pastels and fluffy creatures. And how could I not be entranced by this delicious decorating? The colours alone were enough, let alone bunnies...and chickens...! I LOVE bunnies. I've been collecting them since I was seven (the ornamental variety) and I have three on my bed. Sad, I know.

Now this has given me the idea that maybe I could do the same at home. I have been putting out my own collection each Easter and put the rabbits on my dresser. How about getting a bit bigger than that? Before I knew it I had a pair of cute bunnies and a bucket of china eggs.

How cute are they??? Now I'm crafting an Easter sign. Keep posted to see what I come up with...

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