Monday, May 30, 2011

Hello Dolly

I've been making ragdolls since I was very young. I made my own patterns, sewed them out of old sheets and stuffed them with sheep wool. That was kind of disappointing after some time when the grease from the wool started to stain the fabric! Sewing kept me occupied and happy as I lived out in the country and wasn't much of a farm girl. Fabrics are one of my favourite things - the colours, patterns and textures. I really should own a fabric shop in my next life!

It is only recently that I have gone back to dollmaking, after years of dressmaking and quilting - a few Santas from Christmas decorating and I've done a few for around the house. These are the ones from my bedroom:

 I'm a fan of the Amish style primitive dolls. The one above is leaning against a vintage cot eiderdown, one of my treasured possessions. I hang it from a quilt rack I made a few years ago at woodwork class as it is getting fragile with age.

That's me for today - I've got some new GF baking recipes to share next time I'm back.

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