Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A week to go

A little nook of mice

Although I haven't been posting that regularly, I have been busy and nearly done with the decorating. Today I finished the angel tree. It is my only traditional tree - gold, bronze and cream stars, angels and ribbon. I couldn't believe it, I tested the 500 fairy lights, put them on first then did the decorating and now half of them are not working. It's not worth changing them now and luckily the ones that are lit are fairly well spread. A beautiful tree. I will put up some photos tomorrow hopefully.

Yesterday I had a message that a busload of ladies are coming over on one of my open nights. That is very exciting. They mentioned seeing the article in Next magazine a few years ago on my Christmas decorating. The article in the local newspaper last week was great too. Even the shop assistants have been asking me about the Gingerbread Christmas Open Home. Someone questioned if I was "The Christmas Tree Lady". It made me think of 'bag lady' but I guess I could be called worse!

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