Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 1 - 5 USA

We were on a fairly tight schedule from Day 3 for rehearsing our performance packages for long hours in the hotel ballroom. However on the second day, Thursday, we had free time as the third flight of members had yet to arrive.

Now anyone who knows me well will know
1. I'm a great researcher
2. I love to shop, especially if it involves a bargain and
3. If you need something organised, I'm your girl.
From home I'd already devised a plan - Houston Premier Outlets! Yes, it was thirty miles from downtown Houston and I had no idea how I would actually get there, but it sounded like the sort of plan I'd be happy to work those challenging issues through.

The biggest problem was soon sorted - a private shuttle with 10 seats to fill. We were off by 10am and we were so excited to see how many well known names of outlet stores there were - Calvin Klein, Coach, DKNY, Ed Hardy, Fossil, Ralph Lauren...145 stores. Heaven!

The following morning a group of us visited Houston Galleria, the fourth largest mall in the USA. You probably couldn't do the place justice in only a few hours it was so big. There was even an iceskating rink in the centre.

 I wondered why the Apple store was so busy - day of the iPhone 4 release. There were more staff than customers and it was crazy trying to buy something in the madness. It took about 10 minutes to get someone's attention! The purchase was done through an iPhone, both barcode and credit card readings.

What is this you might ask? It was in the middle of the store - alive and unidentifiable...

This guy's name is Shakespeare and he is a MAC artist with the most amazing 'tool' belt. Can you see my friend Deb in hysterics in the mirror as I take his photo?

Finally, every small boy's dream - a shop dedicated to LEGO. I collected a bucket of the blocks from the bubbles. I think I had as much fun doing that as the receiver of the present had back home :)


  1. Awesome to see you back in blogland, sounds like you had an awesome time, cant wait till we get a family trip to America :)