Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Home for Christmas

Yesterday I made myself proud as I became a truly independent woman with the purchase of an 18v cordless drill. The reason was to mount this gorgeous piece of furniture to the wall. I have coveted the Pottery Barn cubby organiser for months and when I saw it in Houston I knew how perfect it would be on the limited wall space left in my living room. Unfortunately my luggage, and strength for carrying it, was at capacity and I sadly left it in the store.

When I got home last week I looked it up again and the shipping was half price (thank you!). I ordered it on Thursday afternoon and on Monday morning it was here at my doorstep in Timaru, New Zealand!

I've put some decorations in it and it looks even more fabulous than I imagined it would :)

Milly in an awkward position sleeping while I decorated.

I just loved Pottery Barn. Here a few photos of their very styley store displays:

I bought several PB ornaments, cranberries for filling a hurricane lamp and this old fashioned sled which did come back in a suitcase ( a few shoes thrown out as sacrifice). The rat and the hare were New York purchases from the coolest toy store ever, Dinosaur Hill in East Village. It was a really old school store which sold kazoos, tin whistles, finger and hand puppets, unique games etc. The soft toys are handmade by a lady in the Netherlands. Just divine.

Ribbon was exceptionally cheap compared to NZ prices and I bought a number of rolls for Christmas decorating. Here I've put bows at the end of the garlands above the living room windows. I am a big advocate of using greenery in your decorating (does that excuse me for having nine full sized trees?) And ribbons can really add to the finished look. For more ideas, head back to my blogs from last Christmas and of course, keep checking my blog as I will be adding more updates over the next month.

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