Monday, December 12, 2011

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge | Furry Faces

This is Spike, our seal Burmese, as a kitten. It was a shot that wasn't intended but what a great expression!

I decided to get another Burmese cat and give the ownership to William who was 9 at the time and going through a bit of a rough time. It's been the best thing for him - whenever he feels a bit down he seeks out his cat and takes him down to his room for a cuddle. And Spike gets to sleep on his bed at nights too. Everybody loves Spike - he's big and friendly and loves people back, in fact, he has many characteristics of a dog. Sometimes I get a call from a tradesman to say that a cat has taken a ride in the work van after a visit to our house (he is a big fan of car rides).

Spike has spent a few of his lives already, including a run in with the neighbour's Alsatian that had him in at the vets for a week, but let's hope he is around for a long time as part of our family.


  1. Love this shot! Looks like Spike is screaming at you to not take his photo.

  2. Spike sounds much like my cat ... although not a Burmese! They are so beautiful! Love this shot!

  3. Too cute!I love this shot.

  4. great catch!